Digitise your securities trading policy

Save time and eliminate governance risks by identifying issues before they become a problem.

Digital solutions for better listed company governance

Drawbridge is developed and used by DigitalX Ltd (ASX:DCC) and supports other listed companies to better manage their securities dealing policies.

Don't become an accidental headline

Protect your reputation with effortless compliance for restricted trading periods.

"Director forgot they were in a blackout period"
"Failed to get the correct approval"
"Company violated their own policy"
"Failed to disclose insider activity"

Create real-time policy awareness

Give visibility on restricted trading periods to all your directors, key management personnel and employees.

See real-time staff trading requests and create intelligent automated approval settings.

Demonstrate commitment to good governance

Identity potential issues before they become a problem. Utilise leading technology to re-imagine governance best practice.

Improve administration of your securities policy

Eliminate the "are we in a blackout period" question. Enhance reporting and data capture.

Reduce your insider trading risks

Reduce the risk of human error. Put your securities trading policy in the hands of every employee.

Protect your company & employees today

$500 a year subscription with a single $950 setup cost & unlimited users.