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Safeguard your reputation using our digital compliance solutions so you don't become a headline

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Trusted by leading ASX listed companies.

Digital solutions for better listed company governance

Drawbridge is developed and used by DigitalX Ltd (ASX:DCC) and supports other listed companies to better manage their securities dealing policies.

Trading Approvals App

Digitise your Securities Trading Policy

  • Reduce reputational risks from trading errors

  • Save time using intelligent trade approval settings.

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VWAP Calculation Service

Get your ASX listed company VWAP instantly

  • Free VWAP calculation service using both ASX and Chi-X prices.

  • Includes supporting data for calculating share based payments and performance milestones.

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Built with DAML

DAML is delivering next generation financial and compliance technologies as trusted by these leading organisations.

Don't become a headline

Corporate governance has never been more important for public company directors. Protect your reputation and see how Drawbridge is reducing Securities Trading Policy risks for ASX listed public companies.

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